The positioning fixture system has been widely applied in Europe and U.S.A, and has become popular in China in recent years. Its special features meet the requirements for machining speed and machining accuracy.


It provides improved production efficiency:


With the fixture system, Workpiece loading can be finished in only 10 seconds pre—set time reduced. Calibration by dial gauge is not required. The system only requires one time workpiece setup without need of additional calibration.


Static repeatability accuracy is ± 0.002.

 Reduce Machine Investment Cost

With the positioning fixture system, Customer's investment in machining equipment will be reduced due to less setup time.Also,production efficincy is not affeaed with the less investment costs.

 Reduce Labor Costs

Under the lower setting time condition,human resource can be distributed reasonably.

 Reduce Human Error

The positioning fixture system is designed with automation and standardization concepts, Therefore it reduces human error, effectively upgrades productivity and quality.

 Increase Machine Utilization

After CNC machining is finished, workpiece can be unloaded immediately without need of additional marking on the machine for other workpiece. Repetitive unloading is very convenient. The feature effectively enhances machine utilization.

 Convenient And Safe Maintenance

When mold needs to be maintained, simply mount it for machining. The bronze holder has fixed direction to avoid direction error.


When the machine is equipped with the positioning fixture system, your customer will be cofident with your quality increase your customer looksk. It will also enable your business to stay competitive.

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