CNC1880 Control System
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  • High-end high-efficiency double-head model for large mold studio
    The dual-head structure can process a single mold and can process multiple molds at the same time. Diversified production efficiency is increased by more than 2 times. Special mirror graphite and cemented carbide processing circuits have a good studio processing solution.

  • Nutou type six-axis CNC movement mode
    Adopting a fixed table design, a complete box design, high-density multi-layer rib reinforcement, to ensure that the machine does not deform under heavy loads

  • Long-lasting accuracy and good stability
    X Y Z three axes adopt Swiss SCHNEEBERGER or REXROTH linear guide. X, Y, and Z three-axis adopt Japanese Panasonic servo motor, imported C3 ball screw, the operator can know the precise position of the electrode at any time

  • High-quality European EDM expert controller, which constitutes a complete discharge system
    Evaluate the discharge spark to play a special role when necessary

  • Quick operation, simple and convenient
    ATC (Automatic Electrode Conversion Device) C-axis and other peripheral facilities provide an unmanned processing automation environment. The high level of automation makes the main control excellent

  • Strategy Generation Wizard
    Reduce the training time of the operator, the operator can add his own experience to the CNC at any time, the machine tool allows to create his own processing parameters and can be used in the new program to save and use

Precautions During Installation

Mechanical Installation

The machine can fully exert its performance, and the machine installation environment needs to be considered
  • Temperature: 20°C ~ 25°C
  • Humidity: about 50%
  • Vibration: The maximum instantaneous vibration is below 0.5G

Electrical Conditions

  1. The input power supply is 3-phase AC-380V/50HZ. When the voltage changes more than ±10%, we recommend using a voltage stabilizer. Prepare a safety switch that meets the total electrical quantity of the CNC power supply unit and various options. The grounding requires a triple construction of 10Ω or less.

  2. Need to install phase protector

Technical Parameters

PROGRAM \ MODEL UNIT CNC-430 CNC-540 CNC-850 CNC-1060 CNC-1260
MAX. WORK PIECE DIMENSION (L x W x H) mm 980*630*410 1370*720*450 1650*1100*600 2000*1300*700 2000*1300*700
WORKING SURFACE mm 600*400 850*450 1050*600 1250*800 1250*800
XYZ TABLE TRAVEL (SINGLE) mm 400*300*300 500*400*300 800*500*400 1000*600*450 1200*600*450
DISTANCE FROM SPINDLE TO WORK TABLE mm 410-710 390-690 500-900 550-1000 550-1000
MAX. WORK PIECE WEIGHT kg 50 150 200 400 400
MAX. TABLE LOADING CAPACITY kg 1200 1800 3000 3500 3500
MACHNE SIZE (L x W x H) mm 1980*2030*2250 2300*2770*2650 2820*3050*2860 3530*3400*3370 3530*3400*3370
MACHINE WEIGHT kg 1600 2500 4500 5500 5500

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